Pilot Project on Non-Face to Face Treatment(Telemedicine) Begins June 1, 2023.

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As the COVID-19 restrictions in Korea has been relaxed from “severe” to “alert,” non-face-to-face medical treatment (remote medical treatment), which was temporarily permitted based on the “Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act" concluded on June 1, 2023. But on the same day, the government announced a pilot project for non-face-to-face treatment in a limited scope under the Framework Act on Health and Medical Care.

or some context, non-face-to-face treatment for patients was prohibited under the current Medical Service Act, but was temporarily permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic. And after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic a pilot project was announced within the limited scope as listed below. We also expect the legislature to amend the current applicable laws and regulations to permit non-face to face treatment on a permanent basis in the future.


1. Organizations participating in the pilot project:

ØClinical level: Allowed to be conducted for repeat patients who have had face-to-face treatment at least once. However, residents of island/remote areas, people aged 65 or older with reduced mobility (including the disabled), and patients diagnosed with an infectious disease are also eligible for remote treatment in first-time visits.

ØHospital level: Allowed only for patients with rare diseases who have experienced face-to-face treatment at least once and patients who need continuous management after surgery/treatment


2. Cost(Reimbursement)

ØMedical institutions (clinic level + hospital level): consultation fee + pilot project participation fee (30% of the consultation fee)

ØPharmacy: prescription drug cost + pilot project participation cost (around 30% of prescription drug cost)


3. Implementation method

ØTreatment method and delivery of prescriptions: After video meeting with physicians, prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy designated by the patient

ØReceipt of medicines: Patients and pharmacists discuss delivery/pick-up method


Due to the popularity of non-face to face treatment during COVID-19, most medical institutions and pharmacies that provided non-face-to-face treatment services during COVID-19 are expected to participate in the pilot project. At the same time, demand for various medical devices and digital healthcare products used for non-face-to-face treatment services are emerging, and new health care services linked to non-face-to-face treatment are expected to emerge as well. If you have any questions about the non-face-to-face treatment pilot project, please contact MDREX (

Thank you.