[MDREX] Introduction to Korean National Health Insurance Reimbursement System Guidelines for Digital Therapeutics (DTx) at APACMed Webinar

작성자 MDREX 날짜 2023-10-13 14:19:06 조회수 92

On October 12, we have joined APACMed Webinar to introduce National Health Insurance Reimbursement System, focusing on the Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in Korea. With over 200 registered, and we enjoyed answering questions from over 100 participants!

These days Digital Therapeutics (DTx), a rising star in medical device field, is something that the Korean government is paying much attention to. Korean government has recognized needs for detailed procedure and information regarding DTx reimbursement and thus issued Guidelines for Integrated Review & Assessment and Temporary Reimbursement, which were the main contents of today’s webinar.

If you are interested in reimbursement system and guideline for DTx in Korea, please find attached presentation slides MDREX has prepared and presented today.

Due to its nature complexity in Korean national insurance system, it is assumed very challenging to analyze and set up a strategy to enter the medical device market in Korea. As a professional firm with ample experience in regulatory and insurance affairs in medical device field, MDREX is ready to support those who are interested in entering Korean market as well as DTx developers and importers.

We are particularly confident in detecting the clients’ needs and navigating the most efficient and effective path to meet the needs based on the deepened understanding of the Korean insurance system from past experiences.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email, website, or linkedin/facebook messages.

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